We Found A Hidden Treasure This Weekend

This weekend we decided to start and finish our holiday shopping, so we went to North Conway(a town about 35 miles from our home). I was on the hunt for a thrift store that someone had told me about. This thrift store was not easy to find by any means. Come to find out, it was located inside a children's museum. This was the best find ever! I have been trying to find some sort of place that we can take Amar'e to exert some energy, and a place where she can interact with children around her age. Since she does not go to daycare, and I have few friends with children her age, she doesn't get a lot of exposure to her peers. I sometimes get worried about this for many different reasons. I worry about her social skills and want to make every effort to expose her to as many different situations as possible (nothing prompts this worry other than it being in my personality to worry about things I really don't need to to worry about. I am working on it). I can't believe that we hadn't know about this earlier! This makes we wonder what other awesomeness we don't know about?? Ok, so they call it a museum, but in reality it is a multi-room play center. Pretty much awesomeness and a great opportunity to meet other parents with tiny tots in her age group. We are thinking about becoming members for a year, which will save us money. They charge $5.00 per person and it is much less when you are member. Super reasonable! We will be making another trip soon!
Hello huge rocking horse.....
How do you work?
Golf balls.
Tree house.
Sticking shapes on the wall, what fun!
So much fun to be had
Hard hat wearing. Yellow buggy driving.

Some other pictures of what this area looks like this time of year. Pretty spectacular.

What did you do this weekend? Did you make any awesome discoveries? Where do you go to have fun with your little one(s)?


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