I Can't Keep This Greatness To Myself....I Must Share! {Babylegs Giveaway} [CLOSED]

 Liberte Love Handle. Those three words have made my life so much easier. It all started when I was preparing for my trip to Florida. I had my Boba ready to go. My Aunt had arranged for us to use a stroller and car-seat while we were visiting. I had every type of restraint/safety device I could ask for. But did I?
Something inside kept telling me that getting Amar'e a backpack harness leash would be a great idea, so the search was on. I Googled many different images of options and finally I saw something that caught my eye. The Liberte Love Handle. What made this stand out from the others I had looked at was that it didn't have buckles,clips or straps. It was exactly my style. I ordered it and had it rushed so I would get it before departing for Florida. The first time I used it was while we were at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Amar'e was insisting to walk on her own, but being 22 months, she doesn't understand  the concept of crowded places and staying close. With so much going on around us, I thought it would be a good time to give the Love Handle a try. I put it on her, and in less than 30 seconds another women came over to me asking about it. She loved it for the same reasons I did. She insisted she as going to buy one for her daughter. Sweet! I have to tell you, the Love Handle was everything I was expecting and more! Quality material, clever design, amazing pattern! I highly recommend this to every mother on the planet!

And it gets better. I found out that it was designed and created by a mother, who was in the same situation I was in, looking for a functional and fun way to keep her toddler within arms reach. She is selling these, among other lovely products, through Mom 4 life. A mom owned, mom made, hand picked product kind of place. Owner Heather's primary goal is to offer unique products at great prices with exceptional customer service! Who could ask for more? I am beyond happy with my Love Handle and want to spread the word to others about this awesome product and place to buy it.

 In celebration of this great product, Mom 4 life is offering one Perfection Imperfections reader a pair of Babylegs!!!
This is another mom-created fun and functional products that offers warmth and style to exposed little baby legs and arms! I know I can think of 100 cute outfits that I could create for Amar'e with Babylegs. I personally love Ivy League and Orange/Aqua...how about you?

***To Enter***
Go to Mom 4 Life and check out the Babylegs. Come back here and leave me a comment telling me you did and which style you would like if you  are the winner (include your email) .
That's it!

***This giveaway will end February 13th at midnight EST***.
 **I will use a random picker to select the winner**
*Shipping is limited to the US for this giveaway*

Good Luck!!!

**Extra Extra~Read all about it**
Moms 4 Life is have in a special sale beginning February 7th through the 13th for every order of $50 or more will  get a free pair of BabyLegs!!!

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  1. Oh, I wish I lived in the US! Amar'e is a doll like always!

    1. I thought of you when I found out shipping was to US only :(. Thanks girl! :) xoxo ♥

  2. Your daughter looks adorable and I am so glad you are so happy with your purchase. I'm excited to see who wins the giveaway!

  3. Snorkel is really cute babylegs style.


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