Basketball Season Is Officially Over {Guest Post}

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend! As of this weekend, I can safely say that our basketball season is officially done. Damien had a great season, and in my opinion, has become a great athlete!  He has really grown into himself in basketball throughout this season, and it was wonderful to watch him make that transition.
 Awarded MVP!

 I can safely say that we made it through the regular season, and the extended travel season, without any injuries. For those of you who have children in sports, you know that injuries happen often! Some of these can be bumps and bruises to broken bones and concussions. Yikes! Now that is serious stuff! To tell you a little bit more about how serious these injuries are is my friend John...Take it away John!

Hi my name is John O'Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman, sports enthusiast and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Check out my new blog at bloggingwjohno.blogspot.com!

Keep Young Athletes Safe In Sports

Organized sports are not only a way for children to stay fit and healthy, but also a great time for kids to let loose and have fun with their friends.  Through sports children are able to develop many life long skills such as leadership, teamwork and discipline that they will be able to carry on with them into high school, college and well into the rest of their lives.  With all these great things that come with sports, parents do need to be conscious of the dangers and risks that contact sports may propose.

The NFL and Safety

Recently the National Football League has been revisiting its rules to keep their players safe from common injuries like concussions and ligament tears, to name a few.  The NFL has instituted new policies prohibiting players from using their facemask to hit others.  They also have implemented new rules that protect defenseless players in the game such as the quarterback and receivers.  These rules look to protect the quarterback when making a throw and the receiver when they are in the motion of making a catch.  Low hits on quarterbacks have also been prohibited to protect against ligament tears.  These rule changes have made the game much safer as the NFL continues to move forward in trying to further protect athletes.  Not only have these rule changes affected professional athletes but they also have filtered down into the college, high school and recreational sports that our children participate in all year round.

As a parent I am very excited and relieved to see a high level organization such as the NFL taking the initiative to not only to protect its own players but also to promote player safety in the leagues that our children play in.  On top of these rule changes the NFL has also created the NFL Evolution campaign to help educate us parents on how we can protect our children during contact sports.  The NFL Evolution provides not only insight on the sport of football but across the sporting world from snowboarding to soccer.  The campaign as mentioned above serves as a way for us parents to get a better look into sports and the possible dangers such as concussions that may be relevant if the proper precautionary actions are not routinely taken.

Some injuries that commonly result from contact sports may be concussions, ligament tears, heat stroke and dehydration.  As parents we should know the basics around these injuries so that we can keep our kids safe.


Concussions are a traumatic brain injury that young athletes are at risk of developing during contact sports.  When an athlete is hit in the head with tremendous force a concussion may be the result.  Common symptoms of a concussion could be confusion, headaches, nausea, or fatigue.  More serious symptoms may be a headache that is worsening, changes in behavior, slurred speech and memory or hearing loss.  If any of these symptoms are present, your children should seek immediate medical attention.  In the case of hearing loss depending on the severity, a hearing aid may be prescribed in order to help combat the issue and increase hearing levels.  In order to help prevent against concussions and hearing loss, athletes should make sure that protective equipment such as helmets are up to standard, fit properly and worn at all times.

Ligament Tears

Another common injury that may result from participation in contact sports is ligament tears.  The ACL is a necessary ligament needed to participate in sports. The ACL aids the athlete when running, jumping, cutting and landing.  It also helps to protect the leg against hyperextension and rotating improperly.  In order to decrease the chances of suffering from an ACL tear, athletes should make sure to religiously work on balance and agility exercises while also looking to strengthen the muscles of the leg.  Even the most physically fit athlete can suffer from an ACL tear, both of these tips will not completely prevent ACL tears, but will help aid the chances of it happening.

Heat Related Issues

The summer time is a great time of the year for kids but can also be one of the most dangerous times for children to be participating in sports, Heat related injuries such as dehydration and heat stroke are more frequent during the hotter months.  Athletes can easily become sunburned or dehydrated during the hottest months.  A few things can be done to prevent against these issues.  As parents we should make sure that our children are constantly drinking water and hydrated.  Not only should children be drinking water during games and practice, but also gradually during the day leading up to the sporting event.  Also we should look to purchase lightweight clothing, typically made of dri-fit material rather than cotton for our children.  Lastly, as always when out in the sun, children should be wearing sunscreen to shield the skin from harmful UV rays.

As parents we have to be cautious of the safety of our children at all times.  Following some of the information and tips mentioned above can help ensure that our children are safe and protected while playing contact sports.

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  1. Great post Dez about sports. Way to go Damien, you look like a pre-pro B player!!
    He is so grown!!
    Awwnee San

  2. Thanks Auntie! Yes, he is so very grown up now....according to him! :) xoxo


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