Mama Earth Project~A Photo A Day In March {Laugh}

Day 12: Laugh

It is hard to see but she is laughing in this photo. I am sure she just made a mess of something. That usually brings the most joy to her lately. This face makes me laugh. Fun fact: Amare's new favorite thing lately is spitting. Yup, spitting. I am trying to stop her from doing it, but sometimes I have to walk away and laugh. Today she was spitting in her hand and rubbing it in her hair. Im not sure if she was going for the slick look or what. I hope this phase doesn't last very long.

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  1. Nereus is obsessed with spitting, too! He's doing it all the time and then he insists that I should clean it! It's crazy and so funny!

    I think she has the cutest smile ever!

    1. I am glad to hear that we are not alone having a child that loves to spit! That is incredibly funny that after Nereus spits he insists you clean it! :) :) Toddlers are probably the funniest things ever!!!



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