Mama Earth Project~A Photo A Day In March {Messy}

Day 13: Messy

This picture as found and added as an after thought! :)

 Another older picture taken this past summer. We found out that Amar'e love Tomatoes. Another one of Amar'e favorite things is anything messy. She loves to make a mess out of everything and anything she touches. I am totally fine with this type of behavior after finding out it's just in her nature, and there is nothing that can be done to change this.  Some children by nature are tidy, clean, dainty. I am slightly envious of parents of these children, but Amar'e is opposite of those things. She loves loud, messy, chaotic things. Every child is different. I am working on trying to convince her that cleaning up one mess before making another is a good thing. She somethings helps me, but mostly moves onto her next venture. :)

Is your little one messy or tidy and clean?

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  1. Nereus is definitely messy! Good for you for letting her be herself!

    1. She leaves no choice in the matter :) :) :). I bet you know how that is with Nereus!


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