Mama Earth Project~A Photo A Day In March {Worm's Eye}

Day 14: Worm's Eye

This is what a worm would see from the ground in our backyard. This worm would be frozen stiff and surrounded by lots and lots of snow. If you can't tell from the picture the weather has returned to freezing temperatures, grey skies, and just plain blah. Hard to find motivation to do anything besides stay inside and warm. Next Saturday Amar'e turns two and we are planning an intimate gathering of friends and family to celebrate. I have been watching the weather and the prediction for that day is 45 degrees and sunny. Yup, I will take it.

How is the weather in your area? Has spring arrived yet?

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  1. Another New Hampshireite! Glad to find your blog : )

    1. Hello Lisa! Glad you found my blog! Gotta love the Live Free Or Die State! :) :)

  2. I'm from NH too! Loving your blog- beautiful photos!


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