A Wedding

(captured a little bit of magic)

(Vegan meal option)

(Ryan-the groom and Damien)
(The lovely bride Stacie and I)

This weekend the wedding we had been getting ready for took place. Ryan, Andrew's twin brother, married his long time girlfriend Stacie.  It was a lovely little affair. Actually, it was a pretty big affair. Lots of lovely people, food, dancing, drinks, and love. I will admit I was nervous for Amar'e being a flower girl, only for the reason that she is two and has a mind of her own. Damien was a groomsman ,and I knew he would be fine, so most of  my attention was on Amar'e and ensuring she was where she was suppose to be at the right time...everything went just fine!What a relief! Gwen (the other beautiful flower girl) and her mother were a HUGE help!!(One million thank yous!!!) My only regret would be not getting enough pictures...but once again, I had to keep my eye on Amar'e.

We would like to thank you Mr and Mrs. Ryan Larochelle for having us be a part of your very special day! We were very honored to be part of such an important day in your lives. We wish you the best!!! Oh, can we ask a little favor? More cake please!! :) :) xoxo

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  1. Oh how beautiful this was, you all looked so lovely!! A truly memorable time for you all!!
    Congrats to the lovely couple and family and friends!

    Amar'e looked like a little doll!


    Awnee San

  2. Oh and I have to mention Damien looks like quite a handsome young man!!

    A. San

  3. How cute is Amar'e!!! How is your baby? Can't wait to see more belly pictures...

    1. Amar'e was so cute in that yellow dress! I will be posting another weekly update today(hopefully). :)

  4. Aww.. looked like a beautiful wedding. everyone looks so happy


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