The Verdict Is.....//// We're Off To Florida

 The Verdict is.....

Yesterday was my ultrasound appointment. I had been looking forward this for weeks. The anticipation of seeing the little life inside of me was killing me, and like I said in my 17 weeks post, I had a tiny suspicion it may be more than one. Well, now we know for sure that it's only one beautiful little baby in there. Who weights about ten ounces and looks absolutely perfect. Yes, I can't stop looking at the ultrasound pictures and watching the DVD they gave me. I'm in love! Amar'e has been a champ through all of these appointments. I bring her to every logical appointment with me and she does wonderful. Yesterday she sat through a 30 minute ultrasound and then a 45 minute prenatal visit. I am so proud of her! ♥♥♥

We're Off To Florida!

The last two weeks have been crazy! It seems like everything is happening before we take off to Florida. Last minute car repairs, every appointment you can think of, and everything in between.  I am going to be glad when we are finally on the plane, in the air, and heading to paradise! I am super excited about this trip because the whole family is going this time. The last time it was just a girls trip, but now everyone will be coming. It will be good to see everyone again, especially my grandmother. We have some rough plans of what we will be doing, and quiet frankly, I don't care what happens... I'm just overjoyed to be in Florida! Have I mentioned how much I love Florida? Anyway, we are far from being able to enjoy ourselves now, with T-minus 1 hour till we depart home, there is still a ton to take care of! We have a huge ride ahead of us. We are heading to Maine first (2 hour drive), to drop the dogs off to our good friend Brad for the week, and then its another 2+ hour drive to Manchester, NH where we will be staying the night at a hotel to catch our 6:30 am flight to Florida.

I don't think I will be doing any blogging while we are visiting....surely, it can wait until we get back. This way I can add all lovely pictures to the blog post. I bet you couldn't guess that I plan on taking a ton of pictures while we are there! I will be using a point and shoot vs. my DSLR. I truly want to bring the DSLR but it seems more like a hassle than anything to lug around. A little pocket size point and shoot seems way more logical.

And, we're off.....


  1. That is how most of us are. Whenever you thought everything is ready and everything is fine, you'll remember that it's not. Congratulations anyway!

    1. You are so right Jessica! This is exactly how things went for us! Thanks girl!!! :)


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