Lately I haven't felt like doing much blogging. I've been trying to make time for it but I just haven't been successful. I usually end up taking a nap, playing with my little lady, cleaning, but mostly taking a nap. I'm sure I will get back on track soon. I really like looking back on my previous posts to see what the pictures look like and to see where I was in life at that time. I really am going to give much more effort then I have been. I know I am capable of doing it...just have to push myself now. Here is what we've been up to lately....Oh BTW I've taught myself how to shoot in manual mode....YES!!!!! I am so excited and proud. I have my first official photo shoot this week or next. Now, I just have to get some post-production software....eeeekkk! :)

 (Practicing some mock photo shoots with a very uncooperative two-year-old)

(Found this on the ground while playing at the park....how ironic!)

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  1. love the posts dez!! you indeed are growing my dear...you look so lovely! Mar looks like she got bigger since you all left...lol. Love the outdoor fun...where is the squirting water located? Great action shot of D!
    love u guys!
    awwnee san

    1. Thanks! She did get bigger and heavier. That fountain thing is at the park in North Conway. We spend much more time at that park then the one in Gorham....kind of funny! Love you!

  2. Great shots Desiree! And OMG you have a big belly already! How much I miss reading your posts and commenting regularly!


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