Lets Talk About Cloth Diapers

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Lets talk about cloth diapers. As part of a green living family cloth diapering only makes sense. I didn't discover cloth diapers until Amar'e was 10 months or so old (when baby A arrives,  in October, will be starting off strong with cloth). I started to use them and I loved it. Although I did have a few hiccups that I'm pretty sure I've worked out. At first I think that I was using too much soap to wash them in and it wouldn't wash out properly during the rinse and she would get an awful rash. To combat that problem, I did a really good pre-soak and went light on the soap during the wash.  I also made the horrible mistake to treat that rash with Desitin (I no longer use products like this on my family see the calendula salve post to find out why). That is a total no-no in for cloth diapers. Some of them still have some build up residue that didn't strip out when I tried to stripped them. I am still unsure what to do if you little has a rash and you are using cloth. I did use a tiny amount of the calendula salve I make with the cloth diapers, and didn't seem to ruin the diaper, and it washed out pretty well too. Any cloth diapering mother out there, feel free to hand over some advice! The other hiccup I had was not being able to get her through the night in a cloth diaper, for some reason she would always wet through. Once again, cloth diapers mothers....HELP! I have to switch her over to a disposable for nighttime and I also would only use disposables when we were away from the house for more then an hour. I am hoping I can be more confident with cloth diapering baby A because I will be doing it from the beginning. (Currently, Amar'e is working on potty training and is making great progress. In the mean time we are using disposables on her.)

So, Andrew and I are ready to give cloth diapering another shot. We have our supply ready and waiting for the newest member to arrive. I decided to go with gDiapers to start off with. I found a great deal on a newborn package and couldn't pass it up. When little baby A is grown out of the ones we have we will either stay with gDiapers and purchase the next size up, or switch over to another brand. The brands that we used for Amar'e were Charlie Banana, and Simply Baby. I would probably go with one of those brands and obviously use the one that Amar'e is not fully grown out of as well.

I am just hoping I will be able to handle a newborn, a demanding and adjusting two year old, and an 11 year-old who probably will be very sick of being asked to help out along with the extra laundry demands of the cloth diapers. Laundry is not my strong point. I still have a pile of clean laundry covering the entire couch waiting to be folded since our return from Florida. We did get the compostable, biodegradable, flushable liners to use for a while we all adjust to baby A. I have enough for about two weeks of use.

I am open to all and any advice. Please tell me a little bit about your experience with cloth diapering.  Feel free to leave a comment below!

P.S.- I came across this article on cloth diapering that was extremely helpful to me. Check it out!

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  1. Great! You made the best choice for the planet and the baby of course. I feel so guilty that I have used mostly disposables with Nereus. I just hope that one day, I'll have another baby so I can use cloth diapers.

    1. Don't feel bad girl! You can only do what you can do....and being a vegan family (your and your little guy) is helping the planet out a ton, so don't guilt yourself for not using cloth diapers! I hope you have another little vegan baby that you can try cloth diapering on!! :) :)

  2. Cloth Diapers made from soft materials makes baby feel comfortable and protects from wet.


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