Officially Weaned

As of mid-April, Amar'e has completely weaned. To my surprise, this went remarkably smooth. She hadn't been nursing a whole lot so the transition was natural and pretty easy. It involved very little tears or an upset toddler, which was ideal because I wanted the wean to be as easy on her as possible. I truly never had a set idea of how long I was going to nurse her, I just let it happen. I wrote about the thought of weaning and a little bit about my breastfeeding experience here.  I am not sure what caused her to give it up in the end. I am assuming it was a mix between the taste of my milk getting salty because of the hormonal changes my pregnant body is going through, and me suggesting another activity when she would ask for her bubba. She was always willing to give the other activity suggestion a try and forgot all about wanting to nurse. One day I realized that she hadn't nursed in over a week. At this time I do believe I gave into a request of hers to nurse, I guess to just give it a try after a week of not doing it, and it was extremely uncomfortable for me. That must of been my turning point of physically not being able to nurse her anymore. Probably due to the hormonal changes once again, and the thought of tandem nursing is frankly overwhelming to me.  I give those mother who nurse a baby and a toddler credit because I don't think I would be able to handle doing that. How would I get anything done? Other than nursing children? Although, if Amar'e were still nursing when the baby arrived, I'm pretty sure I would be a tandem nursing mother, most likely, not getting anything done (besides feeding children) and that would be OK.

Anyway, I could not be more happy that the wean was done smoothly and without any problems. I also could not be more proud of myself for nursing my lovely little baby for over two years. Nursing doesn't come instinctively for every mother, but it did for me (don't get me wrong, it wasn't overly easy to learn). I am very happy that I never was met with any negativity about our choice of extended-breatfeeding(I guess it's the official name for nursing a child after the age of one). Maybe it isn't viewed as harshly as I thought it was viewed. I'm pretty sure seeing that Time magazine that featured an article on extended nursing set my mind on the course of thinking that is was thought of as negative. Or maybe it is, and I  never found myself in a situation where I noticed negativity about nursing a toddler. Either way, when it comes to what's best for my family, I let my feelings guide me and not the opinions of others. Now I have four more months until I start the next chapter of nursing another child.

This is the outcome of an exclusively breastfeed vegan child:

Results: Perfection!!!!

I want to hear your story...did you breast or bottle feed. Were you happy with your decision? Any regrets?

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  1. I'm so glad that everything came so good and natural for you. I am exclusively breastfeeding a vegan child as you know and I have never regreted it. Recently I have some thoughts like "If Nereus wasn't breastfeeding I could probably go out and have fun with my friends" but well, I don't want to wean him yet. I made it without going out and having fun with friends for almost two years, I can do it for a little bit longer. All I want is to make it easy for him. If I have to see him cry, then I'll never stop breastfeeding :P

    1. I hear you girl! You will feel it out for sure and do it when the time is right....no rush. I miss feeding Amar'e but she hasn't asked about it since she stopped. I suspect she may be a little thrown off when this little one is born and she sees me breastfeeding him/her. I have been trying to tell her that the baby will eat from the buba (our word for breast). She seems ok with it. We will see how she reacts soon.

      Take your time on the weaning process when you decide the time is right....I just knew it was going to get a bit difficult with a growing belly to nurse Amar'e so the time was right for us!



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