Blueberry Picking

Over labor day weekend (yes, I am a bit behind on my blogging) my mother-in-law, Damien, Amar'e and I went Blueberry picking. I've never been Blueberry picking in a Blueberry orchard before this (or would it be called a Blueberry grove or Blueberry field?). In the past it has always been us pulling off to the side of the road to randomly pick some blueberries on a whim. Going to a Blueberry orchard/grove/field was much more efficient and fun, especially if you want a good amount of blueberries for cakes, pies, pancakes, or just to eat. These Blueberries were organically grown, a huge plus! As you can see in the last picture, these bushes were so high we didn't even have to bend in half to pick the berries. This was such a relief for this 31 week pregnant mama. We made Blueberry pancakes, and my mother-in-law and Damien made Blueberry cake. It was amazing. We still have a full Zip-loc bag in the freezer.

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  1. What a fun and productive activity...I LOVE your photos and I also like how the leaves of the bushes look like a caterpillar or something has been there. Today, because of my job, I had to go to a village away from Athens and we passed through cotton fields...it was beautiful!

    1. It was so much fun....we still are using the blueberries we picked. I am going to make a blueberry simple syrup soon.

      Cotton fields in Greece sound sooo beautiful!!!


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