Fryeburg Fair 2013

Along with the onset of Fall comes fair season, and from my post from last year you know that we try to make it to the Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, Maine during this time.  We originally wanted to go on Tuesday or Wednesday night because Diamond Rio was playing Tuesday and Janna Cramer was playing Wednesday.  This didn't work out for us because Andrew had to work both nights. Super bummed out about that. The night show is always a big draw for me since I have recently become less interested (and totally disgusted) by seeing all the animals. Yah, I use to love going to see all the animals, but not anymore. There are to many reasons to list for this, and if you know me I am sure you know some of them. I found out that all the animals are pretty much confined to one spot for the entire week of the fair. Yah, I should obviously know that this is the nature of an agricultural fair, but I still don't have to like it. We actually got a chance to see cows getting milked. Damien refused to watch it and this was a sign that he is understanding the concepts that I speak with him about. It was rather funny and sad that the girl next to me was saying as we watched the cows get milked "I hope they don't sell that milk", my thought was: "if you only knew my dear". We also use to enjoy the horse pull that takes place during the evening....but not anymore. The specially food pavilion is fun and the food expo is awesome too. It is a huge fair and covers a lot of ground, so there is a lot to see and I don't think we even got half of it in.

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