Anderson Ryan Alexander {2 months}

As of January 2nd, Anderson is 2 months old. He has changed so much since the day he was born. He as doubled his weight and interacts much more now. His head control is impressive and he can lift his head off the floor when lying on his tummy. He regularly finds his hands and sucks on them. He is starting to sleep through the night. He will sleep for a five hour stretch, wakes up to nurse, and then he goes back down for another 3-4 hours. His eyes are still blue and seem to getting bluer. His hair is getting lighter. Here is our blond haired, blue eyed boy:

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  1. Seems like yesterday when he was born, they grow so fast sometimes I forget that. He's adorable, cute and sweetheart :)

    1. Thank you TOI! It seriously feels like yesterday that he came into this world! They grow so fast! xoxo

  2. oh my goodness!!! Squeezable cheezable cutie pie baby!! Okay Dez you've proven you all produce these beautiful gorgeous babies!! He's got your nose lol! Great job on the photos...he's quite cheezy! Your blog is warming to the heart....
    Awnee San

  3. he is adorable! babies change so quickly, it's amazing all the things they can accomplish in just a few short months :)

  4. Oh my goodness! Your baby is so adorable!! Love his blue eyes! I know you are soaking up all his sweetness because he is just so precious! Congratulations to you! xo


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