Library Time

We are back to our routine of going to the library bi-weekly. Here are our selections from our most recent trip:

Reading update:
Amar'e no longer wants to sit down and listen to the stories when I'm reading to her. She insist on either reading to me, which is fine, but she rarely allows me to read her a story from start to finish. Sometimes I can't even read her one word. I know she is only two, but much closer to three, and her attention span is limited but this new disinterest seems to be a regression in attention span. We use to be able to sit and read an entire story together. I'm sure that this is just a phase and that this periodic disinterest will not last long. I find it very important that she is able to sit,  at least for a short time, and read to one another at least once a day (or every other).  The benefits can last a lifetime and I thoroughly enjoy it! 

What are you reading with your family? 

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  1. My fave subject...books!!! Nereus does sit to read but it's a very very rare thing to wait for the whole story. About Amar'e, I think it's just a phase. A few months ago I was worried about Nereus cause he was getting angry when I was talking to him in english, but now he's fine with it and he also speaks it! We just finished "Tails are not for pulling" and we loved it! Btw...have you checked out this www.goodreads.com?


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