Communicating More And More Each Day

Some time ago I wrote about Amar'e and talking, and how she wasn't much for words and how she used sign language along with grunts and whines to get her point across. It seems like overnight, not only is she using a ton of words to communicate, she is using compound words! "Mama's shoes" was something that Amar'e said that rooted a phone call at work. Andrew called me at work to tell me that Amar'e was putting word together! The night before was the first time she did this. Her first compound word (that I know of) was "apple juice".

Another fantastic advancement in the world of communications is now Amar'e is saying yes, or yup, or ya in response to questions and she knows what this means compared to "no". Everything was no. "Amar'e do yo want soup?" "No" "Amar'e, do you want juice?" "No", "Amar'e do you want to color?" "No!". At some point I thought back to when one of my friends had a little one, who was about Amar'e age at the time, who answered every question you would ask her with a big "no". And my friend's response was, "no means yes". This "no means yes" became the golden rule in this house. But now, this is no longer the golden rule around these parts because Amar'e can finally use yes and no with full knowledge of what each one means. How wonderful is that?!

I would of loved to add a few pictures of our horrible not so pleasant weekend, but my computer crashed on me for the 5th time causing me to lose a lot of my pictures I've taken recently. So now I am deathly afraid of uploading any of my pictures onto my computer in fear it'll crashed again. Luckily my new laptop is on its way. This is long overdue. This computer is on it's last leg. Living in the electronic world we live in, it is virtually impossible to get by with out some type of computing device. I do pay most of our bills online.  I've never felt to disconnected as I did over the weekend trying to get my laptop running again, trying to avoid doing a restore on it. Eventually it was inevitable that a restore had to be done. Bye bye pictures, bye bye music, bye bye mostly everything. Not fun. When they say that bad things come in threes, I have to believe them because the day my computer crashed I found out that the person I work for was having a (hopefully) temporary moment of insanity that caused me to question if I was putting my energy in the right place, and before the weekend was over our Chihuahua eat a bag of chocolate chips and almost died. He had to be rushed to an emergency vet center 40 minutes away. He pulled through and is doing good now. I can't imagine losing a member of the family.  That made three. There, we are done with bad. Hopefully better days to come!

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  1. Your poor puppy! I'm glad to hear he's doing okay.

    My girls were the opposite of most. They didn't really start saying no, until their vocabulary was well established. They knew the word, but just didn't use it. If only that were still the case...

    1. Thanks Sandra! :)

      That is interesting that your girls withheld use of the wonderful word "no" until later. I bet you get double the "no" now! :) :)

  2. I'm so sorry for your weekend! I hope everything gets better! At least Amar'e makes little sentences, right? Big achievement!

    1. Thanks girl! I hope weekends like that wont happen to often! :) Yes, you are so right, at least Amar'e is making little sentences! She is amazing us because everyday it seems like she says more! Best part is now she can tell on her big brother! :) xoxo


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