Highchair Re-do

Sometime ago I shared my adventure of re-doing an old highchair for Amar'e. Well, even though it turned out amazing....something went wrong in the painting department and the tray became very sticky along with the arms, and the top of the backrest.  Almost like the paint and primer never dried right, or the cleaning up after meals broke down the paint. Whatever the reason, I knew we had to re-do the chair for her and now for the next little one that is coming. I came across this blogger who wrote about painting and sealing a wooden highchair for her little one, and I couldn't wait to give it a try. Well, the result is awesome!  Andrew and I sanded and scraped off all of the sticky, tacky paint and it came off like gum stuck to the underside of a table.....yummy! Then, Andrew took the chair outside and gave it hell....which means he painted it. We ended up using 2 cans of the spray paint and a good amount of the sealer. Word of advice: buy an extra can of sealer so you can redo the sealing when needed. Anyway, here is the blog post that lead to the this wonder re-do of this great highchair:

Color: Seaside

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  1. Very good! I love this colour! I want to paint a couple o furniture too...when I'll have the time...

    1. Thanks! Now I want to spray paint everything in sight. I want to find another painting project to do! :)

  2. nesting!
    I love it, so pretty!
    Awnee San

    1. Thank you! Yah, I wish I were nesting. I keep waiting for the burst of energy but it doesn't seem to ever come around! :)


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