A Visit To Maine And Apple Picking

Finally, it happened, a trip out of town for this family took place and it was amazing! We were able to clear our minds, relax with family, and laugh out loud. I needed this is so many ways....we all did. It had been over a year since our last family trip to Maine...so we were long over due. The whole day was equally fun, but the event of Apple picking is what ended up getting documented in pictures. The orchard was a short drive out into the country and was the perfect setting for some great picture taking opportunities. Actually, when we pulled in there were some young ladies taking some pictures in the field in front of the orchard. It looked like they might have been taking senior pictures. The day couldn't have been better...good food, good fun, good laughs, and family.

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1 comment:

  1. I think that is literally the best part of the north country...picking apples in Maine!! Oh my gosh I could taste the apples looking at your photos. And you look absolutely radiant Dez!! How much do you think it will cost for you to ship me some of those delicious mac apples to Florida...hmmmm... we could do an import/export business LOL I'm so happy you got to get over to Maine with family...you all look so wonderfully happy!
    Great photos!

    Awnee San


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